Bar Harbor Salmon Chowder – 15 Ounces



All-natural seafood speaks for itself, and you can have a rich, tasty treat when you eat Bar Harbor New England Style Salmon Chowder Soup. With the taste of wind, weather and clear, cold water, it’s not a flavor that needs improving. This Bar Harbor soup comes in a 15-oz can, and you get a pack of six cans in every package. Bar Harbor New England Style Salmon Chowder can be enjoyed like Mainers have done for generations. It blends hand-packed, wild-caught fish and simple, all-natural ingredients in small batches. Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)-certified Alaskan salmon provides a flavorful, lean source of protein and minerals. That makes this condensed soup a sustainable choice for maintaining the world’s fisheries. Each can contains no artificial preservatives or MSG. It is also free of trans fat. Bar Harbor is a special place, and you can taste it in each delicious bite.

Pair the meal with a wonderful sandwich and have a nice lunch or light dinner. Make a delicious treat possible with Bar Harbor New England Style Salmon Chowder Soup.

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